My Conversation with Lucy Cuneo

Lucy Cuneo is a professional wedding photographer, who grew up all over the world. She comes from a family of strong creative women, who inspired her style from an early age. Although she pursued wedding photography after school (also interned with Alice Waters at Chez Panisse, but that's another story) she has always loved styling. After launching her website in 2017 and introducing the world to her amazing photography and styling tips, she created a lifestyle brand .
Lucy discusses such topics as how to make a large wedding feel intimate:
-Seating guests close together
-Working with narrower tables where people can talk to larger groups not just left or right
We also spoke about some of Lucys favorite dinner party games:
-Pass the parcel
And some of her best lighting tips:
She and I dig into how to hire a wedding photographer:
- Chemistry is critical
 -You have to hire someone who shares your values and is emotionally aligned
And learning to cook and some of her favorite cookbooks :
-Martha Stewart's Newlywed Kitchen( all the recipes are fun and easy)
-Anna Jones
-Jamie Oliver
We loved talking to Lucy and learning everything from her photography tips!
-She uses VSCO presets on her phone and lightroom catalog
And learning about her DYI protocols:
-Always start with projects you feel less nervous about messing up.
-DYI doesn’t happen quickly. There are lots of steps.
-You just need to stick with it, push through and laugh about it! 
To learn more about Lucy and hear our full conversation, click here! 



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