Mayfields Fabric

Blue Stripe
Coral Stripe
Parma Stripe
Pink Stripe
Pink/Blue Stripe
Red Stripe
Wheat Stripe
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Mayfield is a soft, feminine fabric filled with old world charm that has a particularly painterly quality to it. With references to a Matisse painting and a summer garden, Mayfields is the name of the house Sister grew up in Far Hills, New Jersey and was the source of much of her design inspiration. The house was designed by the iconic architecture firm Cross & Cross and had extensive gardens designed by the world renown landscape architect Ellen Shipman. Sister often sited Mrs. Shipman for her simple design formula, “A path, a coping around a bed, a tree, a place to sit-that is a garden.” Mayfields brings a summer garden inside with its most charming and lovely design.

Width: 52″

Repeat: 5″ H, 16″ V