Desmond Grasscloth Sample

Permanent Collection
Sister Parish Desmond Grasscloth is a textured wallpaper, hand-printed in two rustic colorways. Our Desmond print is a chic and sophisticated all over print designed by Albert Hadley. We named this print after one of Sister’s favorite pekingeses, Desmond, who was a regal dog and also unique in that he didn't bite! Sister loved her pekingeses and they loved her; however, they were not so nice to everyone else around her. The print was used extensively for Parish Hadley clients and is also available in a fabric and a wallpaper. It is a light and whimsical favorite of ours.

Grasscloth sold and packaged in 7 yard rolls. $91 a yard.

*Please note all of our grasscloth is printed to order. We have an 8 roll minimum and 4-6 week lead time.*

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