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Sister Parish Design - Sister Parish

Revived in 2000 by Sister's granddaughter Susan Crater, Sister Parish Design is a heritage brand that began with the goal of resurrecting the prints and wallpapers that Mrs. Parish loved and created throughout her illustrious career, working into her eighties as founding partner of her firm Parish Hadley, alongside her lifelong collaborator Mr. Albert Hadley.


While holding the baton for her family's design legacy as President of Sister Parish Design, Susan created a passion-inspired prints and wallpapers collection based on Sister's and Albert's designs, which had originally been sold exclusively to their clients. Susan's goal was make these designs accessible for the next generation of enthusiasts of her grandmother's iconic style.  Susan's daughter, Eliza Harris joined the firm as Creative Director in 2018, and has brought the studio into a new renaissance of fresh designs and products in keeping with Sister's design philosophy.

Like her great grandmother, Eliza sees no conflict between innovation and traditionalism, and has carried on her great grandmother's belief that "innovation is often the ability to reach into the past and bring back what is good, what is beautiful and what is lasting". This philosophy has been an underlying tenet of the heritage brand from its inception and now in its fourth generation.

As Eliza shares: "we are interested in how people live creatively with collections, work, family, pets, art-everything that makes a home. Textiles are a backdrop to all of this commotion of living a full life. It is the history and the stories behind the textiles that we find exciting. Each pattern tells a story, whether it is about the provenance of an iconic room that it was used in, or the American crafts that inspired it, we love the history of each print we bring to the market. As innovators and creators, it is our job to look to the past and to find new ways of using the  Parish Hadley archives in the spirit of today. We embrace the legacy we are honored to continue."