Behind the Seams | June 2024

Behind the Seams | June 2024

Summer Entertaining

It’s summer, so we have entertainment on our minds. My summer go-to recipes are all based on memories and what’s available at the local farmers markets or my grandmother’s garden in Maine. As a famous chef once said - “if you can’t find it there, you don’t need it. ‘’ For my entertaining style tips, the same rules apply- the old quilt for a picnic, wicker baskets from years gone by, flowers foraged from wherever is at hand - all make up my reimagined summer classics in food and styling. I covet the unexpected, luxurious touch mixed with the simple staples.

Sister Parish x Moda Operandi

Our collection with Moda Operandi is a perfect example of this mix, and we are thrilled to have launched it this month.

This collaboration bridges timeless elegance with modern luxury, bringing a fresh perspective to interior design. Our American style and heritage joined forces with Moda Operandi, a leading fashion and lifestyle platform celebrated for its curated collections and exclusive access to luxury brands. We love this curated selection of home decor and furnishings that reflect the signature Sister charm and Moda Operandi's discerning taste. This partnership seamlessly integrates fashion and interior design, appealing to anyone seeking to elevate their living environments with a touch of timeless allure and contemporary flair.

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Bimini Cocktail Series 

Along those lines, our Bimini summer cocktail series was too fun to resist. My mother and I concocted and tested our favorite summer drinks for the beach and pool just because it’s summer! Summer cocktails are a refreshing blend of creativity and flavor, perfect for hot days and balmy evenings. No matter where you are, these cocktails are a delightful way to cool down and savor the season's abundance. Our Bimini Performance Fabrics are the perfect pairing to these drinks, exuding a coastal charm with soothing hues and durability to match.

Preparing for Maine

Finally, as I prepare for my annual trek to our Summer House in Maine, my mind is on picnics, gardening with Apple, putting my kids to bed under quilts that kept me warm as a child, and all of the adventures that lay ahead. Apple's iced tea recipe is a crowd favorite, and the perfect compliment to summer nights at home or on vacation. Here's how you can make it at home for you and yours:

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Hosting in the summer brings a vibrant, relaxed atmosphere perfect for gatherings that celebrate the season's warmth and sunshine. Whether hosting a backyard barbecue, a poolside party, or an elegant outdoor dinner, these items are sure to bring the creativity to outdoor dining and menu planning.