Tell A Sister: Jennifer Hunter

Tell A Sister: Jennifer Hunter

Tailored and eclectic is how many of Jennifer Hunter's clients describe her artfully decorated homes. Her fresh eye and knowledge of architecture shines through in all of her projects. As Sister once said, "I think that everyone must have a first memory of some house, some room, a vivid picture that will remain deep in them forever." So, each Tell A Sister starts with the same question.

What is your first memory of a first house that has stuck with you forever? 


I will always remember this moment from when I was about 5 years old. My mother had wallpaper installers over hanging some new wallpaper in our home and I was fascinated by the idea of wallpaper. I spent the entire day watching their every move and technique. That next day, while my mother was out, I was determined to wallpaper my parents' bedroom. I spent the morning drawing patterns all over construction paper, and that afternoon, I concocted a paste from glue and water and then proceeded to plaster my “wallpaper” around their bedroom. Let’s just say when my parents came home, they were not too happy with me, and I honestly could not figure out why. Of course, I thought they should be praising me for my masterpiece. As a punishment, I was not allowed to attend gymnastics for a week.

Describe your dream bed? 


I am like The Princess and The Pea–I like a very high and plush mattress with a white goose-down duvet and more than enough sleeping pillows. Oh and the sheets need to be crisp and cool, preferably 66 degrees.


Favorite way to trim a curtain? 


I typically like a nice tailored pleat with an accent grosgrain tape inset about half an inch.

Top 3 favorite hotels? 


Ritz Paris

Belmond, Ravello

Il Pellicano, Porto Ercole