Vacation Guide | Maine Packing List

Vacation Guide | Maine Packing List

Maine Packing List

Before we head to Maine, I can only think about nights by the water and falling asleep in the wallpapered rooms that Sister designed. I'm jotting down my packing list and considering some new items to incorporate this season. Of course, we all know that a Maine summer is more like fall and spring, so I'll pack plenty of sweaters, a raincoat, and pants. It's not a Maine packing list without an L.L. Bean Boat and Tote and a pair of Maine-based Rudy Jude pants. Here's my list (so far)!

What I'm Packing

Fabric for Outside

Performance fabric reminds me of summer; whether outside on a patio or by the pool, it can handle the heat, sunscreen, and melted ice cream. We're serious; our performance fabric can even take on the chocolatiest cupcake falling right on the icing. There may be tears, but they won't be about a stain!