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Custom Process with SP

As an interior designer, I always search for ways to elevate my client's spaces, making them not just beautiful but distinct and personal to both my client and me. Finding unique, high-quality textiles is crucial. My firm, Cathy Kincaid Interiors, utilizes Sister Parish Design's custom coloring process again and again to customize textiles and distinguish my style. The custom coloring process with Sister Parish is intuitive and collaborative. We love working with their team, exchanging color swatches and ideas until we land on the perfect shade.

The Sister Parish team listens carefully, and their knowledge of color theory translates abstract ideas into concrete palettes. Their expertise in color nuances and meticulous attention to detail is invaluable. Sister Parish's custom coloring process is a true gem, and I highly recommend it to any anyone seeking to elevate projects and exceed clients' expectations by creating personal and fresh new colored textiles.
Cathy Kincaid

For more information on how to custom color with Sister Parish, please reach out to or give us a call at (914)234-7452 and dial extension 6. We look forward to working with you and making your fabric and wallcovering dreams come true!