Grasscloth FAQ

Handscreened techniques and the organic nature of our our products create subtle variations in color and design, adding special uniqueness to our prints. 
  • Do you have grasscloth order minimums? What else do I need to know for ordering grasscloth?
    • We have a 2 roll minimum for our grasscloth. Grasscloth is sold by the roll. Each roll is 7 yards in length, with approximately 34” of usable width. Please check specific product page for exact width and repeat information.
    • Please have your wallpaper installer quote you by the yard. Feel free to have them get in touch with us directly if they have any questions. We don’t sell ½ yards, so please round up.
    • Our repeats are listed horizontally and vertically. So a 13” H , 7” V repeat is 13” horizontal and 7” vertical. Please see individual product pages for repeat and width information. 
    • Grasscloth is packed in double (7yd) rolls. Please email for specific packing information.
  • What is the lead time for your grasscloth?
  • What is a CFA and why do I need one when ordering? 
    • A CFA (cutting for approval) is a small piece of wallpaper from the actual dye lot that you will be receiving. Whether to order one or not is optional. This piece serves as a confirmation of pattern and color. Once you approve the CFA, if you have chosen to order one, we can ship your order. Please email with any questions. 
  • What is a “dye lot'?
    • As you probably know, Sister Parish fabrics and wallpapers are primarily handscreened at a mill. When we create new inventory of a print, the mill fulfills our order by creating between 50 and 100 yards of fabric or wallpaper all at one time - that yardage is called a "lot".  
    • The dye that is mixed and applied to the fabric or paper to create the print on that lot is specific to that set of 50-100 yards of fabric or wallpaper.
    • When we sell all the yardage in that lot, and need to order another 50-100 yards for our inventory, the dye is mixed again to be applied to the fabric or paper. Of course, there is a formula for the dye that is used to achieve the colors for each specific print so it is the same each time, but as this is largely an artisan process, subtle variations in color may occur between lots. So, for example, one dye lot of Burmese Seafoam might be a little lighter or a little darker than another dye lot of Burmese Seafoam because they are from different production orders. 
    • Therefore, each lot is assigned a specific number so we can always tell you how much yardage is left in one dye lot, and how much is in another. This way, any subtle mis-matches in color are avoided by assuring that all of your yardage is ordered from only one dye lot for your project.
  • Where is your grasscloth printed? 
    • Our grasscloth is printed in Patterson, NJ.
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