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At Sister Parish, we start with a print and Serendipity is about as perfect as you can get to achieve a unique, happy and charming children's room. Whether it's on the walls or ceiling or delicious curtains and a quilt, adding this print to your child's sanctuary will ensure everyone sleeps with a smile!    

Serendipity Blue Red

Design by: Sister Parish Design

Serendipity Red

Design by: E&A Interiors

Photo by: Mo Apri Studios

Serendipity in Green

Design by: Jennifer Hunter

Photo by: Kirsten Francis

Serendipity Blue Orange

Design by: Madre Dallas

Serendipity Red Blue

Design by: Anne Strickland Interiors

Photo by: Marta Perez

Serendipity in Blue Silver

Design by: Gautreau Gallery

Serendipity in Red

Design by: Grapevine Interiors

Photo by: Dwelling Photography

Serendipity in Blue Orange

Design by: Haddy House Interiors

Photo by: French Blue Photography


Dolly is one of our most quintessentially “Sister” prints, and it brings a sense of old world charm to any space. The flowers and stripes design harkens back to halcyon days. This print can only be described as pretty – it’s one of our favorites.

Dolly Seafoam

Design by: Frances Claire Interiors

Photo by: Kristin Elizabeth Photography

Dolly Green

Design by: McNell Interiors

Photo by: Julia D'Agostino Pierce

Dolly Pink

Design by: Lisa Hederson

Dolly Parma

Design by: Pippa Fraumeni

Dolly Parma

Design by: Hundley Hilton

Dolly Pink

Design by: Sweet Caroline Designs

Photo by: Nicole Marquez

Dolly Seafoam

Design by: Haddy House

Dolly Blue

Design by: Cameron Ruppert Interiors

Watch here for more tips on how to scheme with Serendipity & Dolly!