Hello Dolly!

In a whimsical dance of threads, three enchanting fabric patterns find themselves intricately intertwined, each telling a unique story within the tapestry of our Classic Dolly design. From the subtle stripes to the delicate intricacies of charming floral motifs, these patterns merge and diverge, weaving a narrative of harmony and contrast that will make any room one to remember.

Eliza Crater Harris of Sister Parish Design With Her Daughter


Bimini Performance Fabric

Bimini Performance Fabric

Named for the island of Bimini, one of Ernest Hemingway's favorite seaside hideaways, this luxurious jacquard woven provides a luminous look for indoor or outdoor spaces. It is offered in an array of exquisite colorways—Lettuce Green, Meadow, Moss, Sea Glass and Summer Blue.

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Our goal is to help Interior Designers create dream rooms for their clients, which sometimes requires a custom product. It’s quick and easy; here’s how we do it.

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Innovation is the ability to reach into the past and bring back what is good, what is useful, what is lasting."-Sister Parish
"Sister Parish Rises again. No longer just for the Kennedys and Astors: The great-granddaughter of a legendary decorator wants to make interior design more accessible."
"The Spirit of Decorating Icon Sister Parish Lives on in This New York Home"
Douglas Brenner
"Last year, she (Eliza) officially joined her mother, Susan Crater, at Sister Parish Design, where she carries on her family legacy, reproducing classic textiles from the firm’s archives and creating new ones fueled by Parish’s iconic style but reimagined for a younger generation."
Hadley Keller