Sister Parish Design Partnership with Parsons School of Design MFA Textiles Program

Sister Parish Design Partnership with Parsons School of Design MFA Textiles Program


We’re so proud to have partnered with the Parsons School of Design MFA Textiles program! The project’s focus was to reimagine applications of Sister Parish fabrics and wallcoverings for a more sustainable future, while maintaining roots to heritage and American craftsmanship. We were so impressed with the innovative ideas that the students came up with. View images of student projects below, as well as relevant press articles covering our partnership!
Given the shared history (Sister’s design partner Albert Hadley graduated from Parsons in 1949 and Sister Parish received an honorary degree) the partnership was particularly resonant for us. We loved working with the iconic New York institution and its exceptionally talented graduate students. 

“Through the partnership with Sister Parish Design, students investigated and explored the role of craft locally, researched the global history of craftsmanship, and discovered how new innovations and technology are influencing the field. Students also examined materials and new uses for textiles, and what permanence and sustainability means with regards to wallpaper and other home textiles. Throughout the course of the collaboration, students researched, virtually visited factories, and heard from leading textile experts and designers.” (Parsons press release)


MFA student Liz Sandler created a patchwork design using a combination of upcycled Sister Parish fabrics.

MFA student Shradha Kochhar incorporated mixed media such as fabric scraps and recycled paper through hand-knitting, while evoking the Sister Parish aesthetic.


MFA student Saige Devlin spun shredded Sister Parish scrap fabric into yarn, using it to weave a series of rag rugs.


MFA student Jing Li used a spinning wheel to create thick yarn out of Sister Parish scrap fabric, then wove it into a series of rugs.


MFA student Hongci Hu made handmade paper from recycled Sister Parish wallpaper and fabric scraps, then printed variations of Sister Parish Designs on them.


MFA student Erin McQuarrie explored the potential of using waste fabric and wallpaper scraps to make unique art pieces for the home. 


MFA student Chuyi Sun used digital techniques to collage original Sister Parish designs reimagined into new patterns.


MFA student Licca Hsiao used digital techniques to design patchwork-like patterns using Sister Parish prints.


MFA student Layla Klinger reimagined our Palmetto print into a wallpaper printed with thermochromatic ink, which changes color according to the ambient temperature.


The MFA Textiles program students also created "lyrical living spaces" in which they envisioned the application of Sister Parish swatches to living space collections: the outdoors, the bedroom, the kitchen, and the living room. 


The Outdoors
The Bedroom
The Kitchen
The Living Room
Thank you to Parsons School of Design MFA Textiles Program, and all the creative minds who made this partnership so special!

Designers: Saige Devlin, Yini Hong, Licca Hsiao, Layla Klinger, Shradha Kochha, Huiting Li, Jing Li, Sreeraghavi Mani, Erin McQuarrie, Liz Sandler, Chuyi Sun, Uyen Tran, Hongci Hu


Project Leaders: Layla Klinger and Shradha Kochha


Project Mentors: Preeti Gopinath and Anette Millington


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