Walker's Room

Walker's Room


I was just thrilled to help my colleague Grace makeover her son Walker’s room. We treated the walls and windows with Serendipity in Blue Red (a brand new colorway!) with accents of Tucker in Red for some added depth. Grace worked a bit of DIY magic on a beautiful bedroom set (sourced on Facebook Marketplace!) and the way everything came together is perfection! This room makes me so happy for so many reasons.


The inspiration for this room was to create a transitional and grown-up space for Grace’s son, Walker, who was ready to graduate from his baby nursery. Grace and her family recently moved across the country and landed in a beautiful New England country-style home, and we both agreed that the style of Walker’s new room should reflect and build upon her home’s country aesthetic. Naturally, our Sister Parish prints were a match made in heaven!

I was so excited to use the brand new Blue Red colorway of our Serendipity wallpaper and cotton fabric; the red is the most perfect shade of deep raspberry and the pale blue stars seem to twinkle from the walls. Grace tells me that Walker calls this print “stars and bubbles,” and that the pattern got his full approval pre-install. We used other touches of Sister Parish fabrics in this room as well: for example, our Tucker fabric on linen/cotton blend ground trims the roman shades. These shades are Grace’s favorite part of the room, and I couldn’t agree more! It’s so much fun to experiment with ground mixing. I love the juxtaposition between Serendipity cotton fabric and the Tucker linen blend–it adds so much more visual interest and depth to the room’s design.

To source new furniture pieces for Walker’s room, Grace discovered a beautiful furniture set on Facebook marketplace. An antique bed frame, dresser, and nightstand from Kling Furniture (manufactured in Mayville, NY) were being given away free of charge! I love the story behind this set - these pieces first belonged to the grandfather of the Facebook Marketplace poster, and her son had grown up with them in his bedroom; since her son was preparing to move out, the furniture needed a new home. The pieces are beautiful and extremely well-made – great find, Grace!


A DIY aficionado, Grace shares a fabulous tip: if you find heavily discounted furniture somewhere like Facebook Marketplace, an estate sale, or thrift shop, you tend to feel more empowered to transform it and really make it your own. Making bold changes, like painting it a bright color, doesn’t feel as scary as it would if the furniture was expensive and brand-new! Grace transformed the furniture she sourced from Facebook Marketplace by painting the bed frame a gorgeous red (Rectory Red by Farrow & Ball) as well as replacing the hardware on the nightstand and dresser with lucite and brushed nickel drawer pulls from Lux HoldUps. By doing so, these pieces became unique and special to Grace and her son. I like to call this sustainable luxury–by transforming used or pre-owned items with updated style, you’re practicing sustainability as well as making something look more special and luxurious. This reminds me of my great-grandmother Sister Parish, who was known for sourcing older pieces and antiques and giving them new life by incorporating them into her interiors in unexpected ways.

I’m so happy with how this project turned out! It brings me even more joy to hear from Grace about how her son likes his new room: she told me that Walker is so completely obsessed with his new “star room” that the first few nights he slept in it, he was almost too excited to fall asleep! Grace said that he’s proud of his grown up bedroom, and that it feels truly special to him. To me, this is one of my favorite parts of design: when it transcends the world of trends and paint chips, and becomes something that makes someone happy. I’m so glad you love your new room, Walker!




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