Introducing Bimini Performance Fabric

Introducing Bimini Performance Fabric

Named for the island of Bimini, one of Ernest Hemingway's favorite seaside hideaways, this luxurious Jacquard woven provides a luminous look for indoor or outdoor spaces. It is offered in an array of exquisite colorways- Lettuce Green, Meadow, Moss, Sea Glass and Summer Blue. Below, we created a guide on how you can use Bimini to get the look!

1.It takes 5 YARDS of Bimini to create a custom umbrella with Wind and Sea on Etsy.

2.It takes 4 YARDS to upholster the Rosemary Beach Lounge Chairs from Mainly Baskets.

3.It takes 3 YARDS to upholster a Chaise Lounge. 

4. It takes 2 YARDS to upholster the Lemonade Side Chair from Mainly Baskets. 

5. It takes 7 YARDS for a tablecloth for a 48" round.

6.It takes 1.5 YARDS for a Slingback Chair from Wayfair.