My Conversation with Meredith & Hunter Ellis of JAMES

My Conversation with Meredith and Hunter Ellis of JAMES Showroom - Sister Parish


When Meredith and Hunter Ellis moved back to Texas ten years ago, they saw an opportunity to fill voids in the rapidly growing interior design industry in Texas. Many of the lines that Meredith worked with and loved–including Sister Parish–were not available in Texas. Meredith’s extensive experience working for top design firms in New York and Los Angeles fueled JAMES Showroom’s creative vision, while Hunter’s operational and logistics sensibilities from his military background brought their dream to fruition. 

Meredith describes her creative decisions as being inspired by the things she has seen, felt, and experienced throughout her career in New York and Los Angeles, as well as her childhood growing up in Texas. She loves to combine the sophistication of New York, the carefree, bright atmosphere of Los Angeles, and the casual livability of home decor in her Southern home state. For Meredith, the creative vision of JAMES Showroom is to push the envelope, use bold color and showcase meaningful pieces with the end goal of providing sources of inspiration for designers and their clients. 


We spoke about the history of JAMES Showroom, how Meredith’s creative vision was formed by her life experiences, and the importance of highlighting the unique story behind each product they showcase. We love working with Meredith, Hunter, and their team at JAMES Showroom because of their comprehensive perspective: Meredith and Hunter know that all of the designs they display must work together to lift one another up and form an inspirational space. To learn more about JAMES Showroom and hear our full conversation, click here!