My Conversation with Sean Yashar

My Conversation with Sean Yashar - Sister Parish


Sean Yashar is the founder of The Culture Creative, a holistic management, communication and creative agency for interior designer, makers and artisan brands based in L.A. Noticing that interior designers and manufacturers didn’t have the same kind of representation as those in the entertainment industry, he quickly filled that need with the Culture Creative. We covered such topics as whether an interior designer should think of themselves as a brand, how to stay relevant in the quickly changing market place and many more marketing challenges. 



Sean also answered some questions we received from interior designers. Please see a few questions and answers below:



As a designer who can work in a lot of vernaculars, how do you create a brand without pigeon holing yourself? 

    • Sometimes being pigeon holed is a blessing as it shows that you are able to do something very well and this can help people identify you.
    • If you want to experiment or try something new, why not try experimenting with new styles in your own home and use social media to promote this. This will also allow you to test how your followers react to your new style!



    What are some pitfalls you see young designers experiencing?  

      1. Not interning or working for someone else before they go out on their own. Find a firm that aligns with your style and this will help you find a mentor!
      2. Everyone bottlenecks into being an interior designer. There are so many more roles outside of being an interior designer. Capitalize on what you like and be true to yourself!



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