Swatch Set Performance Fabric

Swatch Set Performance Fabric

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All Performance Fabric. 
A set of all of our current performance fabric. 
This set will include one of every design and colorway available. 

Brother Performance Fabric in Paprika 

Brother Performance Fabric in Indigo

Brother Performance Fabric in Blue

Brother Performance Fabric in Green

Burma Fabric in Spice

Burma Fabric in Gold

Burma Fabric in Wheat

Burma Fabric in Melon

Burma Fabric in Indigo 

Burma Fabric in Spruce 

Burma Fabric in Summer Blue

Burma Fabric in Prussian Blue

Burmese Performance Fabric in Indigo 

Burmese Performance Fabric in Summer Blue 

Burmese Performance Fabric in Meadow 

Burmese Performance Fabric in Seaglass

Burmese Performance Fabric in Prussian Blue

Mahalo Fabric in Beige

Mahalo Fabric in Saffron

Mahalo Fabric in Wheat

Mahalo Fabric in Paprika

Mahalo Fabric in Meadow

Mahalo Fabric in Gold

Mahalo Fabric in Sage Brush

Mahalo Fabric in Melon

Mahalo Fabric in Seaglass

Mahalo Fabric in Indigo 

Mahalo Fabric in Spruce 

Mahalo Fabric in Summer Blue

Mahalo Fabric in Prussian Blue

Please note, not all designs available are pictured here. 

Woven from 100% polyester using high energy UV dyes and finished with Defend +, Sister Parish Performance fabrics are designed to repel water, as well as resist mold, mildew, and staining. They are guaranteed to resist fading for 3 years and last season after season, indoors or out. The durable weaves and refined texture make them great for homes with pets and kids. Made in the United States. 

Looking for individual swatches? Individual swatches are available on each fabric and wallpaper product page. Just click "Sample" and add it to your cart. 


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